Transform 2017

Next Years Camp is 29th July to 3rd August 2017

Transform 2016 was another great success at our site next to the malvern Hills, Access was easy, the facilities were improved again and we had a fantastic time away together as a church family. We would love you to join with us. There is plenty of room for camping and caravans, there are local B&B's and for those wishing to commute it's not too far for day visits.

Building on the success of Transform 2016 this years event will be a time of refreshing, repurposing and encouragement as we seek to pioneer, proclaim and transform together.

Next years confirmed speakers are:

Paul Manwaring is on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church where he founded Global Legacy, Bethel’s apostolic network. He also oversees BSSM Third Year, equipping and deploying revivalists from around the world. An international speaker, Paul’s passion is to see glorious sons and daughters revealed and cities transformed. He and his wife Sue hail from England and came to Bethel in 2001. Their families are their favourite companions and greatest encouragers.

Malcolm Duncan is the Founder and Director of Church and Community.
Malcolm is passionate about the importance of Christians being “good news people” and about the importance of holding together preaching, service, advocacy, prayer and partnership so that followers of Jesus can be effective in changing the world. Malcolm regularly helps the government and other groups to understand the role of church in society and regularly encourages local churches and Christian groups to be the change that they want to see in their community. He is deeply committed to serving the poor and excluded.


For more information, please visit the Salt & Light website.


Watch the promo video & look out for a number of Stroud faces!

For a couple of stories from previous years camps please see below...



It was great!! It was the first time we have been camping as a family…and we survived!! The first time we have been to a Christian camp or festival or anything like it.

There was so much for everyone – good worship in the morning and evening. Great speakers, seminars, Bible study sessions. The groups for the children were good and there were some fun social things to do too. The quality of the teaching was very good, and although there were some times when I came away thinking “I didn’t really connect with that or learn anything new ” the next person I spoke to was saying “ Wow that was awesome!” so God was really working amongst everyone and we all got something different from it all.

It was also a great time of fellowship, with all the people from SCF camping in the same part of the camp-site. Everyone getting on, the kids playing together and the adults sitting up and chatting in the evening.  On top of that there was the fellowship with the other 1700 people on site from the other Salt & Light churches. You could really feel that we were all there with the most important 2 things in common: to love God and to love each other. With no TV’s, radio etc, no distractions, we could just immerse ourselves in it all.

I would recommend everyone to go next year, if you don’t fancy camping you can stay in a B&B as some did this year or just go on a day pass…… it’s only an hour away!!!! (and you can still have the enjoyment of experiencing the camp, but the joy of going to sleep on a comfy mattress!!!)  So no excuse really….. look forward to seeing you all there next year!!!

Barrie, Helen Emily & Katy



Transform at Evesham was the first such holiday that Alan and I had been to so I didn’t really know what to expect, however I did know that I was hoping for something from God that would be really significant for me. As the days and meetings went by there was lots of meaningful worship, good Bible teaching, excellent talks and inspiring testimony, all of which I appreciated hugely, but that special something just for me seemed elusive. I had even decided in my own mind that if a call for healing was given (I‘ve had a minor throat problem for some years) , I would DEFINITELY go forward! But no such call was given in any meeting I attended.
The last meeting of the holiday was a big celebration on the Sunday morning. The last 15 minutes or so was given to worship and sending us out to be Radical Disciples. As we were all standing worshipping with arms raised my whole being felt that I wanted to be open to God. I suddenly felt my whole upper chest area being opened up from the centre and folded back. I can only describe it as feeling as if I was a closed book which was being opened to the middle pages. It was a very strong physical movement, followed by the feeling that my shoulders were being forced downwards, but without any external pressure being applied. My shoulders which are usually up around my ears were now some distance away and my short neck felt longer.
I didn’t quite know what to do except enjoy the experience and thank God for it. I was really unaware of the end of the celebration and came back to normality as everyone was being dismissed and Alan and Martin were discussing who would win the F1 Grand Prix that afternoon.
We made our way back home with me still trying to work out quite what had been going on, but knowing that my “hope” of something significant from God had been fulfilled. That evening I asked Alan to tell me if I was standing up straight, straighter than usual. He said that I was, so I explained  what had happened to me that morning.
I had always had a problem with standing up straight. As a child I was deemed to be “round shouldered” and made to walk around the room with a book (Sankey’s Sacred Hymns & Solos) on my head, and sleep without a pillow, in order to improve my posture. It obviously hadn’t worked because until the morning of Sunday August 1st. I had not been able to stand up straight and I confess that I had not realised just how scrunched up and closed in on myself I had become, but God knew and that morning dealt with my real problem both physically and emotionally.
It is delightful to be able to stand up straight, but even more delightful to know that God answered my prayer in His way.