Journeys"Journeys" helps to explore what faith look like in the 21st Century, in a relaxed setting where no question is a 'stupid question'  - we drink coffee, show a short DVD and then discuss, or if you prefer you can just sit back and observe.

A five week DVD journey exploring the Christian faith through real people, amazing stories and changed lives. These are stories of faith, told by regular people whose lives have been impacted by God., and shows how faith works at ‘street level’. The course covers the following key topics:

Week 1 - Is there a spiritual side to me? 
Week 2 - If God and heaven exist what are they like? 
Week 3 - Does this faith thing work in real life? 
Week 4 - Does God have real power to change things? 
Week 5 - Crossing the line – what’s that like?

Come relax, enjoy a coffee and watch an excellent DVD exploring faith in the 21st Century, then join in with the discussion or just sit back and observe

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